They will stand..

IMG_1494These are my children, born and being raised in the finest country on this planet. Finest because of God our Father, finest because of it’s origins and the principles it was founded upon, finest because of it’s freedoms, finest because of it’s Soldiers . Courageous men and women who silence the fear and dark shadows that arise and cloud their minds when they get the orders of deportation to a third-world country, who instead when holding those papers which could be viewed as their own death certificates, clench them as if they are the ingredients of a cure for a diseased nation. Men and women who set aside their own aspirations and lives in order to protect yours. Men and women who instead of holding their spouse or child as they drift off to sleep as you get to do with yours, in place hold only onto the memories of their loved ones. Men and women who accept the terrifying possibility that they will not come back the same person, if they come back home at all. War always equals change, whether it be in the ideology of a country, the landscaping of a country, or the people. Sometimes it has a rippling effect trickling all the way to the deepest parts of a society, affecting generations that come after whose eyes have never been molested with views of war. Whose dreams never interrupted by nightmares of rounds of ammunition or bombs. Regardless of your emotions towards a selected few immoral degenerates who smeared the well reputable, highly respected, fiercely courageous character of our Officers, you should stand because many of them kneeled for you, but didn’t have the opportunity to stand once the “offensive” banter ended. Their families cherishing only memories and trinkets left behind. My children will stand for the National Anthem and for the Flag and when their innocent eyes gaze at that Flag, I hope they remember  as I’ve told them, “Regardless of whose in the Whitehouse or any persecution you may endure, remember the Fallen, because they fell for you.”