Las Vegas.

In the still of this night, with the T.V. seemingly on repeat with all of the news reels of the Las Vegas massacre, I don’t feel astonished, bewildered, suprised, blindsided (some of the words I’ve seen people use during this time). Absolutely I’m saddened and pray for all the families and friends of the victims, and also for the bystanders who were not physically harmed but have a long road of recovery mentally for eyes cannot remove from ones mind that which has been seen. I dread all the political blasting and finger pointing that is soon to follow inevitably on the heels of every disaster; people craving and demanding a reason for why such tragedy has happened yet again on American soil. People wanting a “fix” for the evil in this world. People desire a sense of safety, ease of mind, peace; unfortunately it will not be found, at least not through legislations and laws. News reporters stating that they are investigating what the motive was for the shooting; they will not find the truth, they will announce some external motive that was truly fueled by an internal absence. We are slowly killing ourselves, just as Rome, decomposing internally. I don’t believe America will be defeated by an outside country, we are going to gradually slip into a drug induced coma, overdosing on our drug of choice, Godlessness. Insanity is America now, evil is good and good is labeled as intolerance. But we don’t want the truth. Is ignorance truly bliss in this instance? So what’s the answer, should we hide in our homes, declining the opportunities to make memories with our loved ones for fear of never being able to make more because their lives may be cut short due to some deranged person? Quite the contrary, last night my Husband and I loaded up the truck with our 4 littles and struck out to our small towns county fair. I will not falsely state that the thought of a terrorist (because that’s the proper term for a person inflicting terror, regardless whether they are or not affiliated with a mass terror organization.) did not cross my mind. Rather then letting the fear swallow me up and my children’s innocent joy, I prayed, prayed for this world and all the lost in it. Christians are failing, don’t make excuses for yourself, “I’m not a preacher, its not my place.”, or “Who am I to judge?” NO! It is your place. Jesus told Peter to “feed His sheep”, sheep are dumb animals, you must lead them to nourishing water and filling grass, you have to protect them from harm. The lost are just that, L-O-S-T, they need the nourishing water of Christ to refresh their thirsty souls, they need the filling grass of the Bible to give them strength to carry on in this sin stricken world. If a person says they are a Christian, judge their works! If you cannot see any fruits of the Spirit, if they do not shine with some glimmer of Christ (which means they should be Christ-like and I mean the Christ of the bible not the Hippie Jesus that is so popular in our culture.) make it evident to them. Search your own hearts, regularly, so that you to do not fall into complacency. If you’re not growing in Christ then you are as helpful as pond water, which isn’t helpful, it’s stagnant and full of bacteria with no way to cleanse itself, a breeding ground for infection to any open wound (unsaved person) that comes into contact with it. Ghandi said “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”Are you like Christ? Christians should be like antibiotics for the disease of sin in this World, but instead the Christians today resemble Placebos and it is very apparent that there is no wonderous Placebo effect taking place in this terminally ill World. You want an answer for the terryfying times? God is not priority anymore. Make Him prority in your and your childrens lives. Growing up I was stung by a wasp, after being stung I respected the wasps and bees and gave them their space, trying desperately not to offend them, for fear of being stung again. Growing up I was spanked for being disobedient or doing something destructive/dangerous, I tried not to commit that offense again for fear of being spanked, not so much because it hurt, because the pain would subside shortly after, but because of the disappointment and discord between my parent and I. You wouldn’t let your child play in the middle of a busy interstate, you instill a fear in them to preserve their life, if they do not obey, there are consequences to their actions, i.e. disciplne. These times are the consequences of not raising our children in the fear and admiration of the Lord. God spanks us when we do wrong, like any loving parent. It’s up to us to turn to Him in repentance and bask in the love that follows after reprimand, how sweet and tender those moments are with my Father, when I come to Him with a contrite, repentful heart and He scoops me up in His arms and holds me close, and I know He hates to have to discipline me as it hurts His heart, as much as it does mine when I have to do the same with my earthly children. I usually go outside whilst apologizing to Him and almost always He sends a gentle breeze that wisps my hair across my face and I know that’s His way of gently stoking His hand against my cheek, which I also do with my own littles, and our relationship is made stronger because we have gone deeper than surface emotions. Sweet, sweet, reconciliation. Opposing, we can continue to be rebellious and God will remove His hand completely and leave us to our own demise, and we cannot blame political parties or religious affliations, for we have caused it ourselves by persuing pleasure and worldliness rather than repentance and reconciliation.