IMG_1489I’m ridiculously giddy because of the slight, barely noticeable decline of the temperature here in Central Alabama.Why yes, it is October 4th,  but alas the Sun and his annoying sidekick Humidity do not care regardless of what seasonal decor the stores have out nor what Fashion is gracing the catwalks and mannequins. Wait, what’s that?! I hear leaves rustling! A breeze! Oh, Hallelujah a BREEZE! Now it’s gone..Oh..Oh..Wait, wait here it comes again! No, I’m not breaking out the boots and strutting my stuff in the latest Fall fashion..yet. But I do want to reminisce on last Fall in hopes of the furtherance of my giddiness on this “cooler” Alabama Fall day.

What kind of Southerner would I be if I wasn’t overly excited about SEC Football?! Yes the season has been going on for a little while now but the weather hasn’t been very Fall Footballish, I’m impatiently awaiting insanely adorable botique dresses representing your team colors/patterns paired with soft infinity scarves and boots/booties. I’m salivating at the memory of delicious tailgating appetizers that warm your belly and heart with every bite!

I’m beyond ready andwill be relieved when I don’t have to carry a tube of sunscreen to reapply on my littles after playing in the water. A sense of calm will wash over me when I put up my swimsuit and theirs as well, mine because I won’t have to wear the thing in front of people and theirs because we made it through another summer without anyone drowning.

Joy will fill my cup, er.. I mean hot cocoa with little marshmallows, whilst my FINE hubs (I love how he looks in his fall ensemble!) and I cozy up to the firepit outside, smiling and creating monolouges for our unsuspecting littles as they throw leaves at one another, and play tag.

DEER SAUSAGE. Need I explain? It’s delicious. That is all. I anticipate (prolly more than a Christian Lady should) the outline of a buck or doe in the crisp air during dusk AND dawn.

Estatic to know that the half-naked people of Summer will be to cold to strip down to their skivvies, forcing me to bear witness to their “goodies”.

A sigh of financial relief as I hear the blissful silence that follows when the A.C. cuts off by itself for the first time in MONTHS.

Bugs. I hate bugs. Particuly mosquitos, we’ve got them here so big you have to look twice to make sure you’re not swatting a Hummingbird. (True Story.)

My Birthday, Anniversary, and my hubs birthday are this time of year! All in one month honestly, cue the month long Celebration!

Overwhelmed by the amount I miss my family that we really only get to see during the Holidays this time of year, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Truly, life is just slower this time of year for us, business dies down a bit so we’re not blowing and going wideopen. We can breathe at a slower pace, inhaling deeper every memory making moment. The air has a stillness that’s infectious, and I want to catch it. I need to catch it. Fall is naturally a season of ridding, ridding of leaves and grass, likewise, I need to rid my life of all the extras and just slow down, a season of dormacy that will eventually and inevitably lead to Winter which will lead to Spring where things are revitalized and made anew, being stronger than before because of the nourishment that came from its dormant season. Here’s to Fall, may it be crisper, cooler, and last longer than last Fall!