Rays of Sunshine.



My husband and I were so graciously bestowed with a date night by my mother in law who kept all 4 of our littles, yes all 4 and by herself. {{Shout out to Ganmomma!}}

Naturally when blessed with such a gift as this one wonders what to do, *insert sarcasm* truly the possibilities are endless. We settled for sushi and shopping which resulted in the hubs a new pair of square toed Ariat boots to replace the pair he’s had for four years,{{they look amazing on him btw}} and I got a new, lighter automatic pistol to replace my heavier .38 revolver. I’ve also been on the hunt for an adorable bow tie collar for NiLiao {{my super presh pug pup}} and lucked up and found one on sale!

Whilst out shopping we encountered a not so friendly girl, who clearly was offended by me for some reason. Y’all I’m serious, like she continually cut and rolled her eyes at me, obviously annoyed by my presence. In the moment I didn’t understand what was going on, I was confused.

It wasn’t until we left the store and were in the truck Donald said, “What’d you do to her?!…Man she was sizing you up! I was bout to ask her, D**n you gonna fight her?!?” {{Y’all gotta know my husband to really appreciate the humor in that, he’s a 6’ 200lb good ‘old country boy that when saying the above statement, said it impersonating a thug.}} My response, “I know right?!? Heck, I don’t even know what I did, maybe she’s got me confused with someone else?!”

Then Donald shed light on the very unfamiliar situation, “She was intimidated by you!” It took a minute to realize what he said because he said it with that grin that literally makes my world stand still for a moment, and just like after the blast of a gun, all the background noise intensified until normal hearing was achieved.

“What?!?” {{I’m thinking intimidating like serial killer running up on you intimidating and if you’ve ever seen me I definitely do not put off that impression, if you haven’t, I’m 5’ and 115lbs…A bunny rabbit is more intimidating.}} “Did I say something out of the way?!” I ask sheepily, still confused.

“No, Stef not that kind of intimidated *eyerolling, like jealous intimidated.” Insert breathtaking smile.

Jealous of me?! She was gorgeous with her long blonde hair, on point makeup, and blue jeans that fit her so perfectly I’d be willing to bet she had them hand stitched on. She had that mean girl attitude about her, I was waiting on her to announce over the store intercom, “On Wednesdays we wear pink.” All the male employees in a 100ft radius gravitated towards her, answering every beck and call. She owned them.

I’m not gonna lie I was impressed, but instead of comparing myself to her to much, I pulled out my newfound strength courtesy of my husband and littles.{{if you’re new here check out Divergent Beauty}} It was a lot easier to resurrect those feelings with the warmth of my husband’s hand on the small of my back, as if he was holding me up under her overpowering awesomeness.

Different waves of emotions, first humor, then flattery, and lastly sadness. Humor because my days consist of changing baby butts, batching mixer trucks, and teaching littles; not the ultra cool life she probably leads drinking Starbucks, shopping, and hanging out with stylish friends while attending college to earn a degree she probably won’t even use because she’ll probably marry a doctor or a lawyer and never have to work.

Flattery because everything I just stated above and the fact that my husband got a real kick out of it, now he finally has an actual event he can pinpoint whenever I’m stuck under the raincloud of self doubt.

Sadness, it’s a sobering moment when you realize instead of building someone up and being encouraging, you were the cause of their own rainclouds to roll in. I remember all to clearly how she looked me up and down and it seems that every look over, she grew colder and colder, I now can see the rainclouds that were building up over her head, I could have been a ray of sunshine, holding off that oncoming storm, not forever but at least for that moment, but alas I was a cold front clashing with the warm air that her male coworkers brought in whenever they doted on her. Thinking back on the whole situation I shouldn’t have avoided eye contact with her, turned my back to her, or pretended like she wasn’t there. Mind you I didn’t do all those things first off, she was cold from the very first encounter, but that’s no excuse. Next time I find myself in such a situation I will smile, compliment her, and make small talk as I’ve done so many times before with warmer, friendlier women.

Be that ray of sunshine for a fellow woman regardless whether she deserves it or not, because I can guarantee you she’s weathering her own storm and maybe she’ll remember your warmth and in return melt another’s glacier. Let your kindness be contagious.