Dear Momma, Lemme be a boy.


This morning as I was getting ready to go to one of my FAV cousin-in-law’s baby shower, I reminisced on my own baby shower for my son and the feeling of excitement and wonder of what having a son would be like. I had already had two daughters and though I love them dearly, my husband and I longed for a son. I remember actually crying one evening because I missed Hollis and I felt crazy because how can you miss someone you’ve never met? Someone who didn’t even exist but only in your mind? The little boy I pictured in my mind was real to me and little did I know God was planning on bringing that idea into fruition soon enough. But now that Hollis is here and so very different from my girls I wondered what might be going through he’s ever busy mind. If my son could verbalize his feelings into complete sentences I think this is what his letter to me would say.

Dear Momma,

Let me be a boy.

Let me wallow in the mud, grime, and dirt without telling me it’s nasty. Encourage me to do so, so I won’t be a frilly boy but rough and tough, I’m going to need to be that way in the world I’m growing up in.

Let me watch endless episodes of Paw Patrol, monster truck videos, and farming clips because they are teaching me how to be a hero, dominant, and how to one day provide for my family.

Let me go outside with Daddy and mess around in the shop even though you’re scared of the heavy equipment and the grease monkey that I will come back as.

Let me go with Daddy all day long even though you will miss me, He’s my favorite person in the whole world and I need him to teach me what it is to be a man.

Let me dissect the lawnmower or the T.V. or whatever it is, I am trying to learn how things work but also encourage and help me to put it back together the right way so I learn how to accomplish a job well done.

Momma, teach me how to pray and read the Bible to me everyday, even though it doesn’t seem like I am listening His words are being etched onto my heart by your voice.

Momma let me cry when I’m angry, I get it from you, but don’t allow me to linger there long, I need you to tell me to suck it up so I can master problem solving.

Teach me empathy.

Be my cheerleader whenever I’m unsure of myself.

On rainy days or whenever I can’t go with Daddy teach me how to do things around the house so one day I can be a helpmate to my wife.

Momma, show me what a lady is by your actions and words, be an example for me to use in my search for a wife.

Remind me daily to open the doors for others and hold me up to look men in the eye as I shake their hands, at least until I’m a little older.

Momma teach me to mind my manners, I hear they will get me far in life. Raise me up to be like the men you pray my sisters will one day marry because I know your standards are high and I want to find a godly Christian lady.

Encourage Daddy to ask for forgiveness whenever he makes a mistake, that way I know that apologizing IS something real men do.

Respect Daddy and let him lead so I too can one day know how to lead my wife and family.

Let me see Daddy and you in love, also let me see ya’ll argue and come to a resolution, I’m gonna need to utilize these same skills one day.

Hold me Momma, I know I’m not the baby anymore but hold me close when I want to be held which isn’t that often anymore, hold me because it seems as if your lap won’t be big enough to hold me much longer, even if I’m dirty and sweaty, hold me.

Before you scold me for doing something let me explain my reasoning for it, most of the time I’m just being a boy and not deliberately disobeying. But please also hold me accountable whenever I do misbehave because I need you and Daddy to build my character.

Be patient with me Momma, we are very different and don’t always see eye to eye but I know you love me and I love you very much.


With many slobbery kisses,

Your boy Hollis