Dear Mary,


For followers of my blog but not on Facebook, our small town was shook at the disappearance of this sweet, Christian Momma and her two littles. Relief and praises to the Lord were offered up as we learned the girls were found safe and unharmed at another location, but all to soon grief and despair as Mary’s remains were found along with her estranged husband’s. This is my letter to Mary.

Hey Girl,

It doesn’t seem real. I was just in the shop not to long ago and you let me try some of your LipSense when I was unsure of such a “big” purchase {{that’s true sacrifice to me because I’m a weirdo when it comes to possible germ sharing}}. It won’t be the same in there without you. We weren’t close but we had a connection, we were both mommas praying and trying to raise our littles to be lights in this dark world. Flashlights for Jesus. You were awesome, you always made me feel so comfortable, especially in those teeth-clenching moments whenever my littles were not behaving perfectly. You encouraged me, unknowingly, nevertheless you did and you asked nothing in return. My littles loved you, as they do all the ladies in the shop but you were special, you were a Momma and they knew it. Nona, after learning of your death, said, “my heart is sad. I like Mrs. Mary, who’s gonna cut my hair that good?” I always looked forward to our conversations because I knew it would eventually lead to spiritual talk and I would leave feeling hopeful because I felt our conversations were as the scriptures say, “iron sharpeneth iron.” You were iron no doubt, strong for the Lord and unwavering. I know you are in Heaven and as much as I hurt for your littles, I rejoice that you are in Heaven, no more to suffer in this world. See you again my friend.

Many Thanks and Much Love,


*God doesn’t command us to understand, only to have Faith. Oftentimes I hear the saying, “God doesn’t give us more than we can handle.” My friends He does because it’s in those rock bottom, flat on your back moments when there’s no one or thing that can lift you out, you are forced to look up and to Him. During times such as this people often ask “why do bad things happen to good people.” Friends it’s because we live in a fallen world, Humanity is rapidly spiraling deeper and deeper into a deprived state and unfortunately even the good people cannot escape the vortex created by the sins of others. Even in this tragedy God is still great and He has a plan, even if we can’t see it we are to remain faithful. Let Mary’s death not be in vain, she would want you to look to and follow Him. Prayers for all the family and friends touched by Mary.