What Kind of Baby was Jesus?


While deleting the pictures taken from the previous night’s Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt, {{highly recommend this for a fun new tradition!}} I came to this photo and paused before deleting it. In this picture I see man’s failed attempt at recreating the most magnificent scene the world has ever known. Consequently studying that imperfect plastic babe who has a receding hairline and abnormally wide spaced eyes, I had the question what kind of baby was Jesus?!?

The Scriptures do not incline as to whether Mary had to clean up blow-outs in the middle of the night with only the flickering light from a bedside candle or if she had to calm a gassy baby by tucking his legs and gently bouncing from side to side to try to aid in some relief for sweet baby Jesus. Did Mary stroke His hair while He bucked like a bronco as He fought sleep? Did Jesus use Mary as a teething ring while nursing when He started to teethe? Did Jesus throw Himself onto the dirt floor, executing the perfect dirt angel, when He couldn’t reach that illicit item that Mary placed on the table just out of His reach? Did Jesus swat at the spoon that held the unsavory food Mary had prepared for Him as His response to the earnest question, “Just one more bite?”.

No, I don’t believe He did.

The Scriptures don’t give us the backstage pass because it isn’t important, {{or maybe because mothers everywhere, spanning all generations would have been immensely envious of Mary and how easy baby Jesus was to parent.}} but The Scriptures do say that “..the child grew, and waxed strong in spirit, filled with wisdom: and the grace of God was upon him.”-Lu. 2:40.

Jesus was born theĀ perfect baby.

Jesus, even as a babe, was tempted to do evil or good and ALWAYS chose the latter. He was mercifully patient with His weary, earthly parents as they stumbled through infancy, learning alongside the King of Kings His needs. I imagine He only cried as a form of communication to relay that His diaper needed changing or that He needed nourishment from His mother, never crying without a life-sustaining reason. As a toddler He probably helped Mary tidy up rather than go behind her pulling out everything she had just put up. When puberty hit, rather than letting hormones get the best of Him, He worked diligently learning the skills of carpentry. Tempted in all ways but failing to fall into any.

This time of year we can get so caught up in the birth story that we forget the actual miracle itself, hear me out, the birth of Jesus was not the miracle {{though I do debate this internally because to me an unassisted childbirth in basically a barn is a miracle to me.}} it was the conception. The miracle is that God loved His creation enough to come down onto sinful earth to become a man and to die a death undeserving so that sinners could come to Him in repentance and have everlasting life.

God, who is so Holy and Just, looked down on this sinful earth with a frown and instead of completely wiping it out and washing His righteous hands of us, looked over to His right hand and seated there was His Son. Jesus replies by reaching up, removing and laying aside His crown and came to Earth and lived a sinless life and died a sinful death for my soul. For your soul. Jesus-laid-aside-His-crown. A ”man” who knew no sin took on the weight of the whole world’s sin, and not just His generation, ALL generations. That’s a HEAVY burden. I don’t think there has ever been a human, nor will there ever be a human who will willingly take daily ridicule and sacrifice themselves for the punishment deserving of another. But thankfully it’s a burden not to heavy for God.

Let’s not read the Bible and the birth story of Christ as some fairytale but more as a history book, the characters in it were very REAL people, and there is One who can change your future history if you would just let Him. Merry Christmas!