Crazy Kid Lady.

IMG_2392By now you all know I’ve got four littles of my own and would like to adopt more in the future {{Lord willing}}. When my entourage of littles, consisting of my own and possibly a cousin or two, are seen in public I often get the question, “How do you do it?” and the occasional, “WHY?!?” {{as in why in the heck would you want to be surrounded by THAT many youngins?!}} Responses vary depending on my mood but my newly created pun is “I wanted to be a crazy cat lady but I hate cats so I improvised.” But here ya’ll will get the truth, allow me to enlighten you.

Truthfully I have always had a way with children, where I failed miserably in conveying an idea to an adult or my humor was not very humorous, with a child it was simple conversation; as if I could give them ear buds and plug them straight into my head and seamlessly transport my thoughts to them without missing a beat. Both of us head bobbing in unison to a musical filled with understanding and laughter, instant friendship declared.

Naturally when I had my own children other children seemed to flock in my direction by the droves; I believe children have a sixth sense if a woman is a momma. {{maybe it’s the dried spit up on her shoulder, bottle of dry shampoo piled high on her scalp, or the bags under her eyes? whatever it is, if  you’ve got littles they know it!}} I welcomed them in; providing them a safe place to become architects, supplying them with the best materials a blanket fort Erector could desire, encouraged their unsure spirits as they belt out “Let It Go!” in our Littles Got Talent singing contest, inspire their creativity with household ingredients to make their own slime, and provoke them to use their imagination whenever I let THEM do it..all of it..on their own.

So to answer the age-old question, “How do you do it?!”


I don’t do any of the things. I only allow them to do it. I give them the permission and tell them where they can find the materials, courage, and ingredients. They do it all on their own and they LOVE it.

Now to answer the “WHY?!?”


This life is but a vapor and our vapors can either leave a stench that not even 9 tomato baths followed by a disinfecting Clorox dip can remove or our vapors can leave an  aroma that one loves to reminisce about in hopes of experiencing the joy associated with it. I’m striving to leave this world and those I come into contact with improved, not damaged.

In a society where we fill the veins of our children with an I.V. drip of promiscuity, violence, pride and greed; where we sit them in front of a screen and trust the screen to teach them humility, honor, and lessons needed to function in everyday life, instead of taking the responsibility upon ourselves; where we yell with a bullhorn into their ears that they must respect all other humans as equal, no matter their gender or race, all the while with the other free hand handing them the controversial newly dropped single which will be played on repeat washing away all the words you loudly scribbled on their hearts.

In this society I want to be the safe harbor, the lighthouse during the storm, the one that these kids, my kids, your kids, ANY kids can gain some sight in the darkness. These kids, they are my mission field. God gives us each one.

What’s your legacy going to be?