No Resolutions, Only Executions!

IMG_2407With 2017’s end closing in on us rapidly, I reflect back on the year with bittersweet and somber eyes all the while smiling due to the impeding relief that will be felt as I close my eyes in 2017 and open them in 2018. {{whether they be closed due to a need to blink or slumber, more likely the latter. I’ve never been a night-owl.}} I’m not one for resolutions, because let’s face it, they are bound to be broken. Therefore I will not make resolutions but will strive for executions of certain aspirations. Aspirations which were inspired by individuals who commented positive words for me to take into 2018 on a FaceBook post.

2017 has been hard, oh so hard, spiritually and emotionally. If 2017 has been a year of prosperity in all aspects of life for you, that’s wonderful! I truly mean that! It cannot be the same season for everyone at the same time or else we’d all freeze to death when our own spiritual season of winter came instead of being able to thaw a little in the warmth of someone else’s summer sunshine!

Executions for 2018 are; but not limited to:

Kind– I vow to strive to be kind, even when I don’t feel kindness is indebted.

Amazing– Everyday will be viewed as amazing because God saw fit for me to live it.

Talented- In all that I do I will try to be talented in it. {{even if it’s folding the mound of laundry that has been piled up since 2017.}}

Thoughtful- Great relationships do not happen when they are worked on occasionally, I will be more thoughtful towards those whom I care most about.

Loving- I will be loving, especially towards the unlovable.

Beautiful- When I see my reflection staring back at me, I will not go through the list of flaws I see but rather compliment her and tell her she’s beautiful.

Smart- On days when homeschooling is overwhelming, I will tell my students and myself that we are smart and this one day doesn’t define our intelligence.

Encourage- I will be the one to encourage the down-trodden in spirit and body.

Respect- I will respect my husband so he feels loved.

Victorious- Moments when it feels Satan has a stronghold on me I will remember I am victorious in Christ.

Courageous- I will strive to be courageous in person as much as I am in my writing.

Aggravating- I will try to not be aggravating to anyone but Satan. {{this one will be extremely difficult because I even aggravate myself most days.}}

Strong- I will focus on making myself strong; spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Sweet- God’s words are sweet, {{Psalm 19:10}} I will ingest them daily.

Motivation- My motivation is to glorify God.

Compassionate- I will be compassionate to others because God is to me.

Brave- One isn’t brave until they face a fear; when fear stands tall, I. will. be. brave.

Dedicated- Dedicated to my God, Donald, and to all the littles!

Bold- I will be bold in actions and not just in words.

Magnificent- Everyone is magnificent in their own way, I will shine a light on others magnificence.

Successful– I will attempt to be successful in all my endeavors, working wholheartedly.

And last but certainly not least, is one I give myself…


Simplify. Simplify. Simplify. Say it with me, simplify. It rolls off the tounge so nicely doesn’t it? Let’s all vow to simplify, we need it, our husbands need it, our littles need it. Let’s allow 2018 to be the year of simple, perhaps a year from now we will look back lovingly on 2018 and smile not because it’s finally over, but because we found a gold nugget of sanity and a rare sense of peace in the year of simple.

Happy New Year Ladies!

Eggarely anticipating what Confiding Confidently has in store for the following year!

See ya’ll next year!